عرض المشاركات من يناير, 2013

January Suns

A Step Closer to God
If you ask, you will never lose the way.
I take after my mother in this, the constant questioning about one's whereabouts in the different cities – even in one's own. We moved calmly, enjoying the warmth that had finally come. The sun made the city glare back. It's one thing to ask about a place you know and a completely different thing to ask about a place to which you have no name. We asked and laughed and followed other tourists.
That climb. 1000 steps. The slopes. The steps. Slopes. Steps.
We'd take breaks, Sherin and I and take a picture, or just laugh.
As we rose above the city, we could see it better. From all around as we rose in that spiral of steps and stones and slopes amongst the green. The turquoise squares, rectangles and circles which turned out to be swimming pools on roof tops.   Right before that last part, with all the steps, we stopped. With this woman whose bed I have shared my bed when my heart was broken, who has shared with me…