عرض المشاركات من سبتمبر, 2017

Olga's Pool

Dearest Ms. O,
This is what one could call a goodbye letter. A letter that is not sent,  for many, many reasons.
I am writing to you in this formality because I think you would appreciate  the irony behind it. It might've made you laugh. I also think you would've  liked getting letters addressed to Ms. O.
I could tell you that I did not try to make you laugh earlier because I thought  it to be inappropriate but the truth is, I didn't think about it the past months.  I was too much consumed with myself.
When I knew earlier this week that you had left, all I could think of was that it  has happened as per the illocutionary force that you had been uttering so  nonchalantly for so long. It happened and then was announced to us in a  sentence, in a virtual void. It happened and it was just like that line from  Mrs. Dalloway:"Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself." She did.
Perhaps, no one believed you Ms. O when you said you yourself would conjure  up the event for…