The Truth at the Heart of the Square

This is something that has come to me as a conclusion, a fact, a truth, call if what ever you wish but this is it:

At Tahrir Square there is only Truth.

There is no more space for doubting this and nothing angers me more than the people I meet randomly who are still questioning. So much has happened - so much beauty has come from Tahrir - that I feel we can no longer question it.
Tahrir is a soul that is definitely divine and if you don't believe in divinity then it is the most beautiful of life that I have seen.

What has been happening since Friday late night and the early hours of Saturday 19th of November is nothing but a betrayal to the Egyptian people, to all of them, those with the Revolution and those against it.

The Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) is only continuing what Mubarak's regime has been doing for 30 years. The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has not changed its policy. For the past three days it has been killing the peaceful protesters and shooting at them with tear gas, live ammunition, rubber bullets and other types of small weapons - shooting at vital body areas like the head and abdomen. Not only that, but they pick up the stones and rocks which are the only weapons we have to throw them back at the people.

SCAF is supposedly in control of the country and they can't control the Riot Police? I doubt it. The Riot Police have orders from SCAF and the Military Police have joined in brutally beating the hell out of the protesters to empty the Square.

Now, Tahrir still stands. With lesser numbers but with more heart.

I fell asleep on Sunday night during one of my breaks from infront of the television and Twitter. Ahmed, one of my oldest friends, called me and woke me up; I hadn't spoken to him in months.

After short greetings I asked him, already sure of the answer where he was. "Tahrir", he said. I asked how things were going. He briefed me very quickly and then said, "I need to ask you something, its very important. I need to know from you, do you think it is right to be here? I need to know from you. Is it right?"

I remember feeling so drowsy and yet so certain when I said "Yes, it is right. There is no other right. Tahrir is always right".

How can it not be so? How can it be anything but truth?

When Ahmed Harara loses both eyes to the soul of Tahrir, how can it be other than right?

When the people at the front lines battling the security forces stay there for hours on end, breathing this gas, and keeping ground, how can this be other than truth?

When the people keep coming in, with food, medicine, blankets, and belief, then this can never be wrong.

The pharmacist we bought medicine from yesterday made us a 20% discount when he found out we were going to Tahrir. My sister's colleague tweeted that the cab driver who drove her to Tahrir wouldn't take money for the ride. Someone else retweeted a tweet about another cabbie who wouldn't take money.

No one wants to go to the Ministry, we are defending our Revolution and our rights and our country. We are defending Tahrir and our right to be there.

This is Tahrir, this is the beauty of Egyptians and this is why we are in the streets today and why we will
remain there till we breathe freedom.


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