bring me sunshine in a cup
bring it all in a cup
and keep it cool for me

ive left all I have
in the palms of my hands
with all the bread crumbs
for feeding
waiting for all the flapping of
the wings
i know he longs for/
the cooing of his heart
i miss like the sun

which doesn’t come

and so to compensate
they use a pomegranate
flattened and trimmed

but the cracks in the skin
the dripping of sweet blood
gives it away

and now i wait
for them – empty handed
with sunlove
waiting for a shower of feathers
like my mama told me not to

mama told me not to wait
but under a sunless sky
dripping with pomegranate
i turn my palms
to the only dove in the clouds
i carry it to my heart
and coo
my yamama mama
he promised me a yamama
after he locked the
eye of the sun
between his lungs

i have to disagree
because i am – as you say
the rebel in us three
my yamama takes my side
so that’s two
and there's he

i don’t want sunny skies
like prudence
i don’t want the sun back in the belly of the world

i just want a cup full of sunshine

i want the sunshine in a cup
kept cool
for me
all for me


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