This is a translation of Kufuf  كفوف
Kufuf was written during a writing workshop in July 2010 with Ana El Hekaya (I am the Story) writing stories for performance based on case studies of women who have suffered in child and marital courts for their rights and those of their children. It was performed in a storytelling performance held in November of the same year at the Oriental Hall and was directed by Caroleen Khalil.

Kufuf  - Palms

I carry your palms in mine. I carry them in the hands I took from you

I carry them so your burden is lighter

bags, suitcases and laundry baskets

No hands can carry all that alone.

That's why we get married, they say. Because no one can carry all this alone. 

You're palms are still wrapped around everything.

I carry your eyes in mine. My eyes which you gave me shaped like yours. I hold them in my eyes and I see a laugh in black and white, broken china, a star small and far away.

Then I know that when we fall me must stand again. When someone blinds us, we put our hands forward to find a path.

I carry your heart in mine. I carry your heart with me – always. I carry inside of me your stories, your dreams, your years.

I carry your heart with me so when it becomes heavy with sadness, I carry it from you and you would be lighter.

You would fly – a feather – off of small girlish palms adorned with silver that look like your palms.


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