Place: Coffee shop in Cairo                                                    Time: 5 pm

Cairo 2011
z: I  called you randomly. I was close to where I knew you have been living for the past 5 years.
a: I didn't pick up
z: I called you twice
a: I don't even remember what I was doing
Cairo 2005
z: I took them to that place where they make great burgers
a: I love that place
z: you got me addicted
a: I didn't even recognize you  that day
z: you had started smoking
a: You didn't look like the you I know
Cairo 2007
z: we added each other on facebook
a: "Mabrouk"
z: I didn't answer
a: I thought you had been offended
z: I think I was
Cairo 2002
a: we weren't even 12
z: I don't think we had hit puberty
a: we hadn't
z: what was it that brought us so close?
a: how could you forget?
z: the music
a: yes, the music
Cairo 2012
z: Do you remember me?
a: Your handwriting hasn't changed, I would know it anywhere
Cairo 2004
z: The guitar lessons
a: you never took it seriously
z: you took it all the way
Cairo 2011
a: I called you back
z: I was in Tahrir that day, my first time
a: I was scared something would happen to you
Cairo 2002
z: I wrote you letters
a: I didn't even see them till a year later
z: I can't believe you didn't look in the envelope
a: I just thought that the envelope was the letter
z: I loved your handwriting
Cairo 2012
a: I still remember your handwriting. I know you. I know you like no one else does. How many years was it habibty? I would do anything for you. You called me, asked me for a favor. It was just a little bit of music; I would play for you anywhere. You haven't changed; at least not to me. You are still who you are. You are still who you have been to me.
Cairo 2005
z: You sent me a new track of yours online.
a: I took a lot of drugs then
z: you girlfriend added me on Facebook
a: God she was intense
Cairo 2011
z: The day I called you I couldn't demonstrate. I just walked around. It was cool. The trees were calm. I went to church. That large cathedral in Zamalek close to the Nile. I sat there at the center during Mass and I felt I was in a painting. The stained glass held me there; I was taken in by the colors. Then the music. It brought you. I called you
Cairo 2010
a: I thought about you at times
z: You must've crossed my mind
Cairo 2011 and 2012
 a: I was moving fast
z: I was tired
a: I had just arrived, there were so many people
z: I was moving out to meet with others to bring in food and first aid
a: The path where we met was actually empty for such a crowd
z: It was, I spotted you right away
a: Your hug, always
z: You're too tall now for a proper one
Cairo 2011
a: We had coffee
z: Yes, I felt so weird that day
a: I felt so happy to be sitting with you after so long
z: You moved just the way you did when you were 12
Cairo 2012
a: I don’t sing, but for you…
z: Habibi, it has been too long. Seeing you hugging the guitar was like being hit with a shower of memories which had not happened
a: Hey Mr. Tambourine Man/Play a song for me/I'm not sleepy/And there's no place I'm going to
z: I was so proud of you, so proud of who you had become.
a: Hey Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me, in the Jingle Jangle morning I come following you
z: I was proud of how we had grown
a: I love you awi
z: I love you too, so much
a: Habibti, call me when you're back
z: I will habibi, but one day, let's go together


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